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Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

Complete Coursework: as few as 12 months* Credit Hours: 36 Tuition: $29,500

This quality accredited MBA in Healthcare Management program is one of few MBA programs offered regionally focusing on healthcare management. The program is 100% online with reasonable entry requirements. The curriculum includes general management along with healthcare focus. Academically respected and AACSB-accredited, the program is also impressively affordable.

Course Schedule


*Average completion time is 18-24 months.

Core Courses

Students must take all 9 courses.

ECON 5320
Economics for Managers
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
An introduction to the economic analysis most useful for managers. The material includes equilibrium analysis in competitive markets, basic optimization and analytical techniques useful for understanding the behavior and performance of a business, and selected topics in business strategy and the economics of organization.
ACCT 5320
Accounting for Management Control
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
Use of accounting data in the decision-making process and in the analysis and control of business operations.
FINA 5320
Advanced Financial Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
Financial management of the firm with special emphasis on financial planning, capital concepts.
MANA 5305
Decision Making in Operations Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
Analysis of the operations management functions from a manager's perspective. Quantitative techniques related to decision making such as linear programming, statistics and selected operational models are applied to operations management problems in both the service and manufacturing industries.
MANA 5320
Leading and Managing People
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
Investigation of issues managers face when trying to lead individuals and organizational units to achieve corporate objectives. Focus of the course emphasizes the individual and group levels of analysis.
MANA 5350
Strategic Human Resource Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
Focus is on the role of HR managers and practices in developing competitive advantage for the firm. Considers the role of both specific HR practices and the overall HR architecture in enhancing firm performance.
MARK 5320
Advanced Marketing Fundamentals
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
An analysis of contemporary problems in marketing with emphasis on dynamic market characteristics.
MANA 5395
Formulating and Implementing Strategy
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
Students adopt the top management’s view of the firm and focus on positioning the firm to gain strategic advantage in the competitive marketplace. Industry analysis, planning and implementation of competitive strategy, evaluation of strategy alternatives, utilization of appropriate controls, and the evaluation of the administrative process are emphasized.
MANA 5360
Global Business Perspectives
Duration: 7  |  Credit Hours: 3
An intensive study of the different aspects of international business including, but not limited to, international politics, culture, economics, finance, technology, marketing, ethical decision-making, strategic planning and management, and human resource development in a global environment.
Concentration Courses
MANA 5375
Special Topics in Healthcare Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
An exploration of current health management topics that are not covered in other courses .
MANA 5361
Introduction to the American Healthcare System
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
An introduction to the American healthcare system, its components, organizations, and management in the system. Subjects will include the historical development, structure, operation, and current and future directions of the American healthcare delivery system and healthcare ethics.
MARK 5370
Healthcare Marketing in Contemporary Society
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3
A review and analysis of current trends in the health care field with a focus on managed care and the implication for business and marketing practitioners.
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