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What Are Some Trends in Cyber Security?

Text to include: Risk analysis in cyber security is the first step in protecting information from external or internal threats

Most security experts agree that threats to the security of sensitive information are on the rise. Not surprisingly, cyber security is one of the technology world’s hottest topics. Cyber security trends across multiple industries highlight a booming need for well-educated information security professionals. Graduates with an MBA in Cyber Security continue to be in high demand for jobs in financial institutions, healthcare, government, retail, and independent consulting firms.

Security Threats for Big Data

Businesses, healthcare systems and online retailers increasingly rely on big data, whether it is the decision to promote a particular product to a particular customer or the decision to test a particular treatment with a particular patient. As data collection and sharing among organizations and providers increase, the risks to that data also increase. Organizations need cyber security teams to evaluate their risk exposure and ensure that all programs and databases protect critical business, personal and financial data.

Mobile Applications

Over the past decade, the computing world has progressed from desktops to mobile devices as the most popular method to connect to the internet. The corporate outlook has changed such that many professionals work from home or a remote location; many employers expect constant connection to email and other business programs. Each time workers connect via mobile apps on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, their information is vulnerable to outside threats. This risk increases with the proliferation of mobile apps developed by independent sources and the permissions each app requires.

Cloud Services

Another cyber security trend arising from the increase in internet mobility is the use of cloud services for data storage. Rather than storing data on discrete hard drives, individuals and business can now store their data on the cloud for easy access from any device with a connection to the internet. Personal, financial, health and business documents and files stored or transferred through cloud services are vulnerable to theft by cyber criminals who can use that information to steal money, identities, or trade secrets.

Changing Landscape of Cyber Crime

For many years, businesses and individuals have assumed that the greatest threat to their personal or business information comes from outside hackers. While this threat is real, more and more cyber crimes are the handiwork of disgruntled insiders — or criminals using stolen credentials. Businesses and individuals alike need greater protection from phishing schemes that trick unsuspecting people into divulging sensitive information that cyber criminals can use to bypass security measures. Using strong passwords on all accounts and networks is perhaps the simplest step anyone can take toward greater cyber security.

Skills Gap

An easily preventable cyber security trend is the growing disconnect between information security professionals and their knowledge of current cyber threats. Mobile app development, the proliferation of cloud services and heavy reliance on big data all lead to rapid changes in technology and greater need for cyber protection. Information technology officers must regularly analyze new technologies and new cyber threats. The threats of tomorrow call for cyber security analysts and experts well-versed in business and management to understand cyber vulnerabilities from both technological and business perspectives.

An MBA in Cyber Security is an excellent choice for students who seek the challenge of cyber threat prevention in an ever-changing information landscape. As technology continues to develop, so will cyber security trends. Corporations, healthcare systems and government agencies need qualified, informed professionals who are willing to stay on the cutting edge of information security.

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