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Admission Requirements

Full Admission

Prospective students seeking admissions must submit the following information in order for eligibility to be determined:

  1. Submit an application.
  2. Pay the application fee: $40 US. The non-refundable fee must be paid before the application will be processed.
  3. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution,
  4. Satisfactory GMAT score (or accepted GMAT waiver).
    1. Quantitative measures are integrated into an index that multiplies the applicant's 60-hour GPA times 200 and adds the total GMAT score (60-hour GPA X 200) + GMAT => 1000. An index score of greater that 1000 is typical of a successful candidate.
    2. If the student's 60-hour GPA is above 3.25 the GMAT may be waived.
    3. If below a 3.25 GPA, applicants with three or more years of extensive health care work or executive managerial experience earned in the U.S or with a U.S. government entity may request to have the GMAT requirement waived by the Graduate Coordinator. A formal resume must be submitted to
    4. In rare instances, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) may be accepted in lieu of the GMAT.
  5. After reviewing all credentials (official transcripts, GMAT score, other relevant information), the Graduate Programs Coordinator and the College of Business and Technology Graduate Admissions Committee will determine if the student may be accepted into the program. A degree plan will be prepared by the Graduate Program Advisor with the student. Students will be notified of official acceptance into the program. Full admission must occur prior to enrollment beyond nine semester credit hours.
  6. Send official sealed transcripts to the following address:

    The Office of Graduate Admissions ADM 345
    The University of Texas at Tyler
    3900 University Blvd.
    Tyler, TX 75799

    Students may request that the original institution send the transcripts electronically to Transcripts sent electronically will only be reviewed, if they are received directly from the original school.

Provisional Admission

Provisional admission will be offered if unofficial transcripts showing proof of a baccalaureate degree with the required GPA is submitted prior to the first start date. Provisional admission status is good for two start periods, whether or not you attend.

Official transcripts must be submitted prior to the third start date in order for full admission to be granted. A student who is not fully admitted by the beginning of the third start date will not be allowed to continue in the program.

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