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What Are Salary Expectations for an MBA in Healthcare?

An MBA in healthcare can increase your earning potential

Demand for outstanding business managers in healthcare facilities is steadily rising in the wake of sweeping healthcare reform in the United States. If you earn an MBA in healthcare, this demand means you can expect a much higher salary and higher earning potential throughout your career if you pursue a business-related career in the healthcare field. Here are some examples of lucrative careers for MBAs in healthcare:

Hospital CEO: $200,000

Hospital CEOs oversee all aspects of hospital operations including process improvement, financial management, operations, marketing and employee relations. It’s a demanding but highly visible and rewarding position with a high starting salary that can rise well beyond $200,000.

Hospital CFO: $155,000

As a hospital CFO, you would be responsible for managing costs, efficiency and financial risk within a healthcare facility. Salary expectations are high for this type of executive, and earning your MBA in healthcare gives you healthcare-specific financial and data analysis skills that prepare you for the challenges of leading a hospital to greater financial stability and growth.

Hospital Administrator: $84,000

Hospital administrators enjoy challenging, rewarding and high paying positions in which they fill a broad range of leadership roles including financial planning, regulatory compliance, operational management and cost, systems and data analysis. A healthcare MBA prepares you to successfully manage the complexity of operations within the ever-changing hospital environment.

In short, an MBA in healthcare give you access to some of the most personally, professionally and financially rewarding career paths. The combined expertise in business and healthcare-related issues that you will gain will allow you to advance quickly to positions of greater responsibility and higher salaries, which makes earning this degree a smart and lucrative investment in your future.

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