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How to Be a Great Leader

What Makes a Great Leader?

Managers face the daily challenge of leading their teams to success in business. Some days the team achieves those goals, and other days they don’t. UT Tyler’s online MBA program offers a 7-week course, Strategic Leadership Processes, that helps students strengthen their critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills in the business environment. The course can develop a standard business professional into a great leader.

Coach K Demonstrates Great Leadership

Many consider Duke Blue Devils Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski, known as Coach K, an example of what makes a great leader. In fact, Black Enterprise magazine reported on Coach K’s remarks during the 2012 Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Coach K Leadership Conference:

  • “Leaders prepare their team for misfortune and setbacks…”
  • “Leaders protect the culture and chemistry of their teams…”
  • “Leaders never stop learning…”

The last emphasis, on lifelong learning, is how you become a great leader — by continuing to learn. UT Tyler’s online MBA offers the chance to continue learning what makes a great leader while developing professional opportunities.

How to Develop Future Leaders?

Companies can help grow great leaders with the following techniques:

  • Start an in-house leadership development program.
  • Allow people to work different jobs on a rotational basis.
  • Encourage confidence.
  • Use stretch assignments.
  • Provide regular feedback.

Speak up and Sign on for the Online MBA

Have you asked your company to help you grow through a tuition reimbursement program that allows you to earn an online MBA? Are you seeking opportunities to demonstrate your leadership ability? Are you working on increasing your soft skills? These are among the attributes that make a great leader, and you can find more assistance through UT Tyler’s online MBA program.

Great Leaders Are Self-Disciplined

Being able to “lead yourself” before you “can lead others” is another way to be a great leader, according to Coach K. There are good listeners and effective communicators who truly care about their team members, and they gain more respect than managers who do not listen well.

Other examples of self-discipline include arriving early, staying late and going the extra mile to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Great leaders have charisma and enthusiasm for their work and their teams. They are passionate about the work and the results.

Great Leaders Sometimes Fail

The willingness to step forward and tackle the tough assignments that no one else wants is a common characteristic among great leaders, and sometimes, this leads to failure. Rather than considering failure a defeat, great leaders recognize failures as leadership teaching opportunities. UT Tyler’s online MBA program provides case studies and team projects that will touch on failures to enhance students’ learning in a team environment.

Learn more about UT Tyler’s online MBA program.


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