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The Increasing Need for Global Management Capability

Succeed as a Global Manager With an Online MBA

When companies need someone to give presentations on the differences in international economic growth rates and the increase in new multinational corporations, they need someone with a very specific skill-set. Not only is understanding global management critical to this kind of work, specifically, it also affects everyone, everywhere. For those without the knowledge and expertise to meet this demand, this is a good time to explore UT Tyler’s accredited online MBA program.

Must-Haves: Global Business Perspective and Knowledge

Effective problem solving is one of the top skills today’s college graduates lack. The Washington Post article citing a Council for Aid to Education study said that 40 percent of college seniors did not have “the complex reasoning skills needed in today’s workplace.” Freshmen and seniors at 169 colleges and universities underwent the Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus, which measures their analytical reasoning, among other skills.

Not unlike these students, managers at many companies cannot help their companies compete globally. As the world economy changes, it is becoming essential for companies to help keep the United States competitive. The U.S.’s future depends on savvy problem solvers who excel in the face of international business mandates, global politics and the related areas of finance, economics and technology.

UT Tyler’s online MBA program provides solutions to these challenges with its “Global Business Perspectives” course. The course, an intensive overview of politics, international management, ethics and more, prepares managers to make the right decisions at the right times. Regardless of the industries students ultimately choose to work in, the course helps equip managers to face a multitude of challenges, confidently.

Prepare to Succeed as a Global Manager

Global management requires understanding how currency rates are set as well as being able to work with global monetary systems and global capital markets (including the risks therein). Aspiring managers can prepare for the next stages of their careers with online MBA program courses such as UT Tyler’s Global Business Perspectives course, wherein they will delve deep into international business processes. For example, students in this course will study exporting, integrating production systems and human capital strategies using a global framework.

Global Management Checklist

Business professionals interested in advancing into global management should review the following list of required skills and abilities:

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Global economic, political and social differences
  • Manage currency exposure
  • Set up strategies to protect the firm from longer-term exchange
  • Strategies for competing globally
  • Compensation management strategies
  • Countertrade
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Critical thinking
  • Applied knowledge
  • International trade
  • Socio-cultural information
  • Team-oriented
  • Willingness to learn
  • Open-minded
  • Exceptional research abilities
  • Persuasive writing skills

All of these areas and skills are important for global managers, but they’re also things that can be honed and developed in a solid MBA program.

UT Tyler’s global management course can help expand students’ knowledge and enhance problem solving to lead new generations of competitive U.S.-based businesses.

Learn more about the UT Tyler online MBA program.


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