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How Strategic HR Management Can Be a Competitive Advantage

Reframing the conversation about HR and talent with more strategic approaches is transforming the overall HR architecture at many companies, with the net result of increased competitive advantages and improved company performance.

A Gallup study found that companies with a substantial number of enthusiastic and committed workers beat their competitors “in profitability, productivity and customer ratings,” according to “3 Ways to Use HR for Competitive Advantage.” This study discovered that 18 percent of employees are “actively disengaged,” meaning they “undermine their colleagues’ work.” Not only does this affect company performance, it also costs money — up to $550 billion each year.

UT Tyler’s Strategic Human Resource Management course in the online MBA program explores the role of HR managers and practices in developing competitive advantages for the firm.

6 Ways to Rethink the Talent Conversation

Strategic HR management only happens if it is intentional. Here are six ways to launch it:

  1. Plan ahead — do not wait until your talent needs are desperate.
  2. Step up data use — you need more than an annual review to effectively manage employees.
  3. Ensure HR understands how the business operates, including trends and macroeconomics.
  4. Invite HR to join the conversation — collaborate to ensure success.
  5. Outsource Employee Administration Records to vendors — free up HR to focus on being the company’s cheerleaders and facilitators.
  6. Ensure that your recruiting process is inviting — overhaul it if necessary.

Benefits of an Online MBA Program

Students in the UT Tyler online MBA program gain a general business overview spanning economics, finance, marketing, HR, global business wisdom and operations management. These courses will strengthen the foundation essential to advanced business operations. Further, students learn current concepts essential to keeping a company competitive. Finally, an online program provides the flexibility for students to continue working full time while earning an advanced business degree.

The Value of a Strategic HR Management Focus

Looking at talented people with a competitive focus forces companies to alter the way they operate. By embracing a strategic HR management emphasis, everyone in the organization experiences a holistic workplace. As a result, HR really does look at the careers of highly talented people with fresh eyes. This approach creates jobs, develops training and emphasizes the right opportunities for the right employees.

Perform or Fail

If a company fails to remain competitive, it will not survive. In order to outperform the competition, companies must reconfigure how they recruit, manage and mature talent. An online MBA program can provide effective solutions that keep companies alive and well.

Learn more about UT Tyler’s online MBA program.


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