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Is the GMAT required for online MBA programs?

The truth is that if you are applying to an online MBA program, you will most likely have to take the GMAT. Most programs require some sort of standardized test, so the likelihood that at least one of your desired programs will require you to take the GMAT is pretty high. There are two potential reasons you may not have to take the GMAT. Those are if you take the GRE or if you quality for a GMAT waiver.

Some students may be able to take the GRE instead, depending on the requirements of their online MBA programs. The GRE is slightly different than the GMAT, so depending on your strengths, you may be better suited to one over the other. In general, the GRE requires one more essay and more vocabulary knowledge than the GMAT does. You can also use a calculator on the GRE. The GMAT requires more math, critical analysis of arguments and grammar knowledge.

Another reason you might not have to take the GMAT is if you qualify for a GMAT waiver. Different schools offer GMAT waivers for various reasons. Students might get a GMAT waiver if:

  • They have a certain number of years work experience in managerial or supervisory roles.
  • They have other graduate degrees, such as doctorates, masters or are certified public accountants.
  • They met certain grade point average minimums during their undergraduate studies.

For example, the University of Texas at Tyler gives GMAT waivers to students who have a 60-hour GPA of 3.25 and above or have three or more years of healthcare or executive managerial work.

It is important to understand what the requirements are for all your potential programs. Researching this should be the first step in your application process. Once you understand the requirements, you can create your application plan, which may or may not involve taking the GMAT.

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