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What is company culture?

Maybe you know what it’s like to work in a great company culture: You looked forward to going to work every day, you were highly productive and you slept well at night. But perhaps you aren’t so lucky. If you have encountered an organization plagued by turnover and bad morale, you have experienced the negative consequences of a toxic culture. As a manager, you may have a desire to improve the culture at your company. Have you considered signing up for an online MBA program to deepen your leadership and management capabilities?

What is ‘culture’ in the corporate/work environment?

While the company culture is not easy to define, it involves the unwritten and silent rules that people who work together generally use in the ways they behave and think. Some examples of culture include:

  • Attitudes about the company
  • How people behave toward each other
  • Processes used to achieve work goals
  • The environment and atmosphere
  • Decision-making framework
  • How people speak to their colleagues and customers
  • Social rewards from co-workers

Three reasons why company culture is important

All workers contribute to their company’s culture based on their life journeys, whether they realize it or not. Consider these reasons why your work culture matters:

  1. It permeates every aspect of the organization.
  2. Senior executives and management hold tremendous influence over employees, the behaviors they exhibit and how they feel about their company.
  3. Culture is not easy to change, so it is important to get it right the first time.

Online MBA program strengthens career development

Your decision to improve your company’s culture by enrolling in an online MBA program will reap professional dividends. Courses such as “Leading and Managing People” and “Strategic Human Resources Management” taught by business faculty with diverse global experience will solidify your contribution to the team. You will learn strategies to successfully overcome challenging management issues. Additionally, your coursework will show you how to keep your eyes on the prize—meeting corporate goals. Plus, you will dig deeper into the HR manager role and learn HR best practices. Finally, you will gain more insight into the HR architecture and use that framework to strengthen your company’s performance.

Reasons to maintain a good company culture

Companies with excellent corporate cultures stand out. Their good employees are productive and tend to stick around. And, that helps everyone sleep well at night.

Maintaining a strong and positive work culture requires a commitment from everyone. Use the best practices, case studies and lessons learned from an online MBA program to help your company maintain a good company culture.


Culture: Your Environment for People at Work.

How Much Does Corporate Culture Matter?

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