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What is service marketing?

Service marketing is all about selling something invisible. Service marketing managers are tasked with creating a plan that convinces consumers to spend their money on something they can’t take home, touch or reuse. An online MBA program helps prepare professionals to generate customers utilizing service marketing techniques. Below are some factors to consider in service marketing.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone

Perishability refers to the idea that once something has occurred, it won’t be repeated, at least not in exactly the same way. An example of perishability is a seat on an airline. Once the flight takes off, the airline cannot sell that seat on that plane for that trip. It was a perishable service that can’t be repeated.

It’s never the same

Human involvement in services creates variability. No matter how many times The Beatles rehearsed for a show, none of their performances were ever exactly the same. The same goes for getting a massage. The same masseuse can’t replicate a massage; similarly, two consumers may have different feelings about the same service from the same masseuse.

There is nothing to take home

Another characteristic is that services are intangible. Consumers do not own a massage. Concertgoers can’t own the Beatles concert. They can own a Beatles record, but the experience that comes with the concert cannot be touched or held. It may leave consumers with fond memories of a fun experience, but there is no product to take home.

Several companies offer services, not goods

A service marketing course as part of an online MBA program shows students how to create plans to sell services. Companies that utilize service marketing techniques include utility companies, beauty salons and gyms. Electricity is not a product that is owned; an electric company provides electricity so long as the bill is paid. Salons sell haircuts and pedicures, but once the service is complete, the consumer doesn’t leave with a product in their hand. A gym membership allows consumers to utilize workout equipment, but they don’t own the gym or the equipment.

Reach consumers through service marketing

These businesses are each tasked with convincing consumers that their service is superior to others. This is done through creating experiences and building credibility with consumers. Service marketing can be done through several marketing avenues like television, radio, online and word of mouth. An online MBA service marketing course provides the basic knowledge for a professional to build a successful career in any industry where the product is a service.


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