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10 GMAT study tips

Many online MBA programs require some sort of standardized test for admission, so understanding how to study for the GMAT is important.

1. Take a Practice Test

The first essential step for GMAT students is to take a practice test. This enables students to assess their needs and then tailor their study plans to those needs.

2. Take notes

There are a lot of important quantitative and grammar rules to learn for the GMAT, so it is essential that students take detailed notes to ensure memorization of those important concepts. A recent study in Psychological Science demonstrates that taking notes by hand is better than doing so on a laptop.

3. Write incorrect and correct sentences in different colors

People tend to remember things visually. A GMAT study tip to avoid confusion for sentence correction studying is to write the examples of incorrect sentences in a different color than the correct sentences.

4. Review answers

An essential part of GMAT studying, which is often overlooked, is reviewing the answers after taking practice tests. The best way to improve strategy is by analyzing mistakes, so it is important for GMAT students to take the time to do this.

5. Study consistently

Although many people who are applying to online MBA programs have very busy schedules, it is still important to study consistently. People have the tendency to forget information if they do not review it for several weeks, so finding a time period that allows for consistent study is essential.

6. Create a quant cheat sheet

Creating a sheet of all the important quantitative formulas and rules can help students remember that information better.

7. Create a Process of Elimination chart

Since the GMAT is a computer-based test, test takers are not able to write on the actual test. It is nonetheless important to keep track of which answer choices are eliminated during the process of elimination. A tip from a GMAT course comparison site is to create a POE chart so that test takers don’t waste time rewriting ABCDE every time.

8. Memorize basic math

Because GMAT test takers are not allowed to use a calculator, they can waste time computing basic arithmetic. Memorizing the basic times tables (1-10), decimal forms of basic fractions and basic exponents can help students cut down on this time.

9. Take a nap

A UC Berkeley study revealed that taking an afternoon nap can drastically improve someone’s learning capacity, so it would be a good strategy for students to utilize on long study days.

10. Build mental endurance

One of the most important GMAT study tips is to build mental endurance. Most people aren’t accustomed to fully concentrating for four hours straight, like the GMAT requires. Thus, it is important for students to train their brains by taking at least five full-length practice tests.

11. Bonus Tip: GMAT waivers

Some online MBA programs waive the GMAT requirement if the applicant meets certain prerequisites, like a high GPA. Online MBA aspirants should check with their respective schools before initiating their study plans.

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