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Why Military Service Members Should Consider an Online MBA Program

Considering an Online MBA

“Tooth to tail” is one of the ways the military refers to the issue of supporting the front-line troops, and the supply chain logistics of managing the modern military is, in essence, a business solution. For individuals who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces, earning a Master of Business Administration will help you translate the valuable skills and knowledge gained in the military to the civilian business world.

For every two combat soldiers deployed, approximately five non-combatants provide a vast array of support services. An army requires food, water and shelter, in addition to all of its tactical equipment, and the supply-side part of any military deployment must ensure that all of these needs are met.

The supply chain logistics of modern combat deployment use a vast array of third-party businesses and services, most of which are managed by professionals educated in business administration. Why wouldn’t the armed forces use people with the same skills to manage their internal production and logistics pipelines?

Building Skills

Valuable critical thinking skills, experience with a multitude of technological solutions, and team building experience will give you the knowledge you need to manage both people and products in a variety of supply chain logistical environments. These skills are part of the advanced coursework in a Master of Business Administration program, which will also provide you with keen insight into how the modern business world operates.

When your troops are operating in the desert, you have to know how to get them food and water — and how to keep them fresh until the troops need them. How do you get trucks and buildings to your area of operations? Are there roads? If not, who is going to build them? What materials are they going to use? Where do those materials come from? The skills you will gain in an MBA program can help you arrive at answers to supply chain questions.

Virtual Education

Earning your MBA online allows you to maintain your current position and responsibilities. If you are on active duty, you can fully participate in an online program from anywhere in the world. Any time — day or night — you can view classroom lectures, participate in discussion threads, and read the assigned material. The availability of tuition assistance programs specifically earmarked for military personnel makes these sorts of educational opportunities achievable.

Whether you are working in product management, supply chain logistics, procurement, material management or manufacturing, it is important to have a solid business education that will allow you to be successful. As materials and supplies are moved worldwide, the ability to manage projects efficiently is critical to the success of any deployment. As the business world becomes more data-driven, the use of modern technological tools becomes critical in making sure a deployment gets the equipment and supplies it needs.

Supporting the Troops

When you decide to leave active military service, that doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute to helping our service members in the field. The supply chain needs managers familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the active military, and who better to speak to those specific needs than individuals who have served? Every troop deployment has its own quirks and hurdles. Veterans with an MBA degree are uniquely positioned to ensure smooth operation of the supply chain involved and to address issues that arise.

The University of Texas at Tyler has a well-staffed and capable Office of Career Services for military veterans. As you consider an online MBA from UT Tyler, be sure to reach out to the Office of Career Services for assistance.

Military personnel — both active and veteran — have unique skills and insights into the management of the military machine, and it’s important to retain those insights in the course of earning a degree.

Learn more about online MBA programs at the University of Texas at Tyler.


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