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Job Outlook for Marketing Managers

Marketing management jobs are in virtually every field that produces products or services. Marketing managers can be vital to a company’s success. They predict trends, develop products and services, and ensure the satisfaction of both customers and executives. Companies are increasingly relying on their contributions as the importance of marketing managers and departments becomes more visible. As a result, the outlook for marketing jobs over the next few years is positive.
Marketing management jobs are expected to grow by 9 percent over the next decade


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for marketing managers was just over $127,000 in May 2014. Those at the highest end of the pay spectrum make over $60,000 more than the median. This is based on a full-time work week, with only approximately 40 percent of managers stating that they worked more than 40 hours per week. Over the next decade, marketing management jobs are expected to grow by approximately 9 percent, which is faster than the overall job growth rate.

Education and Experience

A marketing management job requires, at the very least, a bachelor’s degree, often in a field related to marketing, such as advertising or communications. Many marketing managers have an MBA or other advanced degree. The coursework for an MBA gives students a well-rounded foundation in general business areas such as management, accounting and law, among other subjects. Students in an MBA program may also learn to better communicate and lead through team projects, which is relevant and helpful in marketing managers’ jobs.

Types of Jobs and Industries

Since marketing managers work to identify markets, trends and demand for products, they add value to nearly every industry. They often work with a wide range of departments and executives to ensure the success and satisfaction of everyone from customers to board members. These managers work in industries ranging from manufacturing to science and medicine — even film and travel.

Marketing jobs include advertising executives, sales representatives, market analysts, public relations representatives and many more. A well-rounded background from a degree such as an MBA — as well as work experience — can make managers attractive in a competitive market, as can strong integrated technical skills in the marketing and advertising fields.

Companies are finding that creative and well-rounded marketing managers can boost a company’s success. Across a number of fields and industries, these managers help decipher market needs and then create the products and services to meet those needs. They do this by assembling effective teams, working with company executives and enhancing customer experience. With such wide-ranging contributions, marketing managers enjoy a great deal of opportunity.

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