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Marketing Manager Is One of the Best Jobs

Marketing managers work in virtually any industry that sells a product or service. For that reason, theirs is a very popular job. There is a great deal of variety in the manager’s role, from market research to working with customers, and they generally oversee a team of diverse employees. When MBA students pursue a marketing manager career path, they encounter varied coursework that prepares them for many different industries, companies and roles. It can take a great deal of networking and research for students to find the type of manager positions most suited to their skills, but with so many available fields and an excellent job outlook, the position offers students many opportunities.

Marketing Manager is one of the best jobs

Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing managers can have a lengthy list of responsibilities ranging from research to customer service. Generally, managers develop the plan to sell a product or service. This may include researching that product or service or even surveying the markets to identify consumer needs. From there, managers oversee the team that develops the product or service. Once the product or service is ready, managers may gather feedback from customers or focus groups and use that information to tailor their marketing plan. Additionally, managers work with company executives to ensure the satisfaction of overall objectives.


The marketing manager career path is very versatile as there are marketing jobs across a wide variety of fields and industries. For some people, this yields the opportunity to use their skills and training in an industry or company that they are passionate about. This is just one of the benefits of working in marketing. Additionally, working as a marketing manager is quite often a lucrative job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for managers was just over $127,000 in 2014, with the higher end of the pay range soaring to just over $187,000.


The job outlook for marketing managers is currently very positive, and growth is expected to continue for several years. More and more companies are realizing the importance of marketing as they see their revenue increase due to targeted outreach campaigns for their products and services. As that trend continues, competition for marketing jobs will increase, and innovation will become essential to job placement. For those with experience, there is a good chance of promotion within their current company as well as advancement into new positions in different companies or industries.
Marketing managers are in demand, and the job outlook is positive for the next several years. These positions are highly popular, and hiring managers regularly seek professionals with diverse business backgrounds and strong skills to fill them. There is a wide variety of ways for these managers to use their skills and talents, and students who choose to follow a marketing manager career path will find many different opportunities across a number of industries.

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