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How Much Do Marketing Managers Make?

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All kinds of job candidates face a common conundrum: discussing salary requirements, which is usually taboo outside of a small window in the interview process. However, this information is an important part of the career-planning process. Fortunately, the internet is rife with resources for determining the salary ranges of various positions.

Marketing Manager Salaries, Nationally

The United States Department of Labor is one of the best resources for salary information. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps data on many professions, as well as national trends over time. For example, in 2015, the BLS reported that, on average, Americans hold nearly 12 different jobs throughout the course of their careers, about half of which they work before age 25.

For aspiring marketing managers, the numbers are inspiring: in 2015, marketing managers made an average of over $67 an hour, or an annual salary of $140,660. The median salary is more than enough to justify an MBA in marketing, based on the return on investment alone — working professionals can pursue their degree while maintaining their full-time careers with an online program.

Marketing Manager Salaries in Texas

Marketing managers in Texas are doing pretty well, too. The same BLS data reveals that they are ahead of the national average, with a state earnings average of $72.30 per hour. Reported salary data changes regularly on the jobs and salary website In February 2016, the site listed 1,118 marketing manager salaries. However, as of June 2016, Glassdoor only shows 449 salaries with the average yearly salary of marketing managers in Texas being $85,007. However, the BLS shows that the average salary for marketing managers in Texas is closer to $150,000.

Marketing Manager Salaries, Industry

The BLS report from 2015 shows a wide range of marketing manager salaries, from $56,680 at the low end to $186,940 at the high end. The scope of this range makes it important to look at what different industries invest in their marketing managers, especially for those pursuing an MBA in marketing. Securing internships or extra research opportunities in a specific industry is one way to stay on the most lucrative career track. And, of course, geography makes a difference in pay as well.

The BLS reports that the Management of Companies and Enterprises industry currently employs the most marketing managers; Computer Systems Design and Related Services follows closely behind. In Texas’s robust technology sector, this is encouraging news for future marketing managers. Among the top five industries for lucrative marketing manager salaries are Nonmetallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction — both thriving industries in Texas. The average for marketing managers in these industries is around $175,000.

For those thinking of pursuing an MBA in marketing, the statistics are promising. Not only are jobs available for marketing managers nationally, but the average compensation for these managers is also well above the national average for all positions.

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