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How Can Marketing Professionals Benefit From an MBA in Marketing?

Most professionals considering a Master of Business Administration in Marketing program are interested in what career benefits they can expect after graduation. Typical advantages, such as higher earning potential or better job training are just the tip of the iceberg. Enrolling in an online MBA program can be a convenient way to advance your career and secure many long-term returns.

An MBA in Marketing Provides a Competitive Edge

If you hold a bachelor’s degree, you likely worked hard to earn your credentials. Advancing your career, however, means even more hard work. There are many young business professionals competing for promotions, so positioning yourself as the best candidate now requires additional education. With an MBA in marketing, you can differentiate yourself from the masses with a greater understanding of how to market your skills.

Higher Compensation

Research shows that people who graduate from an MBA program earn about 50 percent higher starting salaries — they also continue to earn about 80 percent more than their peers without MBAs five years after graduation. This research suggests that investing in an MBA is one of the better decisions marketing professionals can make to enhance their career development and lifelong earning power.

Greater Job Satisfaction

Seeing how their efforts contribute to an organization’s operation may be one of the most critical factors in marketing professionals’ job satisfaction. As marketers advance through their careers, they often aspire to greater influence at work — they want to see continued evidence of their contributions. To have an impact on business, the economy and society as a whole, professionals can earn an MBA in marketing to become well-positioned to succeed in leadership positions with greater influence.

More Employment Options

With the growth of the service industry and a rising interest in ethical business practices, deciding where to work is sometimes complicated. Whether they are considering healthcare, hospitality or financial services, marketing professionals may want to evaluate the conduct of a business before contacting its hiring manager.

A survey suggests that many MBA graduates would accept a lower salary to work for a business that incorporates social responsibility into its business model. Aligning personal values with every day business activity may be one of the most rewarding ways to develop a career in today’s socially conscious environment. An MBA in marketing can provide the advantage you need to secure this degree of control over your employment options.

Stimulating Challenges

If you have been in the marketing industry for some time, you know how complex the discipline is. You may have experience in a variety of areas, like market research, content marketing, brand communications or retail marketing.

Even with your experience, however, it may still be difficult to get ahead or secure the opportunity to do more meaningful work. Maybe you have your own ideas about how to build a marketing strategy, but the high-level decisions are not yours to make. Maybe it is time to work your way toward the next step, where more stimulating responsibilities can offer you more authority and greater influence.

Enrolling in an online MBA program is an investment of time and money. However, the short- and long-term benefits the degree offers mean enrolling is probably one of the better decisions you will ever make to enhance your career. From successfully competing for jobs of your choice to the satisfaction of contributing to an organization’s success, there are few advantages that will help marketing professionals meet their career goals more effectively than an MBA in marketing.

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