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What Makes A Good Marketing Manager?

Marketing managers often have many responsibilities to juggle. These responsibilities can include tasks as well as people and, most importantly, time. A rich and diverse network combined with education and experience can help managers maximize their efforts. There are also several key factors that make a good marketing manager who can make the most of his or her skills, knowledge and resources.

Team Player

One of the most important traits of a good manager is being a team player. Marketing managers need to understand the strengths and weakness of everyone on the marketing team so that they can design an effective marketing plan. They may also need to step in and assist with different parts of the marketing process — a good manager has no problem moving between managing and helping the team.

Strategic Planner

Planning is a key factor in all aspects of marketing. The ability to think strategically about available resources and talent makes a good marketing manager. These managers can make a plan, recognize potential problems and make adjustments as needed, all while keeping the marketing plan moving forward.


Empathy is also a highly desired trait in a manager. Marketing managers need to be able to relate to target markets and consumers. It is also beneficial if managers fully understand their teams and the company executives so that they can account for everyone involved in the marketing process. The customer, however, is always the most important player. If the manager cannot relate to the customer, the marketing plan will likely fall short of its mark.


Creativity is important not only in product development but also in developing work processes, generating new advertising ideas and applying the latest marketing tools. A manager who can think outside the box and see new ways to capitalize on existing trends is an asset.


Marketing managers work with not only with their own teams but also other departments, executives and the public. It is important that they understand the product and its data thoroughly so they can effectively communicate pertinent information to each group when they need it most.
When looking at what makes a good marketing manager it is important to remember that there are many traits to consider. Finding a marketing manager who possesses many of these traits does not guarantee success for the manager, product or company, but managers with these qualities are in a better position to benefit companies or organizations than their counterparts.

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